Eternity; Heaven; Nirvana; Paradise; or whatever symbol you choose to describe the eternal place of unified love, light, and peace, is not a place outside of us to be searched for, but a state of mind within that is constant. The eternal peace of Creator is with you now. His love for you is unconditional and does not vacillate to and fro like the tides of the oceans or the waxing and waning of the moon. There is nothing you need to do to acquire it.

Addicts believe in the temptations of the world. A temptation is nothing more than looking outside yourself for peace and happiness. The world of flesh is home to separate forms that appear to be different from one another and entice us to believe in them. It is a place of contrast/duality. It is to be a place of life and death, sickness and heath, in contrast to eternal life and wholeness. A God of wholeness and eternal life does not create anything less than itself. The pain we feel within is our delusional beliefs in separation thus rejecting the unified truth that emanates within. In these beliefs we deny the love of our Creator and believe the gates of Heaven are closed to us. However, he does not deny his love for us, and there are no gates to Heaven. His patience is eternal and he will wait for all of us to make up our minds. What we do here on Earth is of our own making. God will not interfere with how we choose to think about ourselves, one another, and our world. To do so would violate his trust in us. His rules are simple: love one another; do not kill; and lastly; love God the Father with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your MIND (thoughts).

This painting encourages you to let go of your addictions to fear. Claim your true inheritance within and experience the loving embrace awaiting you from our Father who art in Eternity. Peace begins and ends with you.

Music: In the Stillness by Liquid Mind

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