“Faith” - trust and confidence in another.

The human body is Neutral. It is mind that makes it function. The body takes its direction from thoughts that stream through the mind. We all decide which thoughts we allow to control our actions. As a man thinketh so he becomes.

Since the time of our birth the mind becomes divided into two kingdoms. One kingdom is Fear. Its sentries are judgment, guilt, and separation. Its prison bars are beliefs that separate and divide God’s creations from one another, isolating us in a self-imposed prison. The other Kingdom is of Love. It has been and always will be within. It lies beneath the constant chatter of the fearful mind. It is a place of peace, love and abundance. This is our true identity and cannot be destroyed even if the body is torn apart limb from limb.

Faith is about whom one chooses to place their trust and confidence in. Which master will you serve?

All of nature, including this baby bear, has an unshakable faith that we can learn from. If we want to heal the destruction of the planet we must begin within. Peace begins and ends with you.

“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.”

- Anais Nin

Faith Original-SOLD

24”x30” 150 CANVAS Limited edition signed and numbered prints 15 Artist Proofs on Canvas

16”x20” CANVAS Unlimited signed

9”x11” 500 PAPER Limited edition signed and numbered prints 15 Artist Proofs on Paper

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