This painting emerged after finding a dead baby bear in the Fall of 2009. My 10 and 12 year-old daughters named its lifeless body, Hope, before his burial. The image in the painting is of a similar age bear I had taken the day before.

The antique red tapestry gilded in gold leaf represents the history of man on this planet. Each leaf represents a human lifetime and the beliefs it held that create its unique shape. The red color symbolizes blood and death. All things that exist on this earth will die and wither on the vine. To invest in anything that dies is a poor investment. The body is a vessel that contains the eternal Light within that animates us all.

The cub’s gaze is a call to remember the unifying Light within all creation. I cannot know this Light within me without extending it to you, and you cannot know it within yourself if you do not extend it to me.

Music: Song of the Heart by Brian Crain

Hope Original - AVAILABLE

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