As an artist, I question what I see. That is why the eyes are the central focus in this painting. Perception is what happens to the conscious act of seeing when we interpret what we are looking at. This takes place in 1/10 of a second continuously throughout our lifetime until death. In these brief moments of time, the neutral act of seeing becomes polluted from our past thoughts. The ability to see with crystal clarity in the holy present moment is lost. All anyone knows is of the past. These past thoughts cloud our vision and become our perception of the way things are. They become our distorted truth and become the world we call reality.

Seek first to see the light in all things and the stronger the light becomes visible to you. Muslim, Jew, Gay, Straight, Conservative, Liberal, Black, White, are all symbols of symbols twice removed from the reality of the light shining within that unifies us all. Condemn one and you condemn the whole, define yourself as one and you have isolated yourself from the rest. The light will appear to be lost and your ability to recognize the light is willingly forfeited for darkness. The light within is eternal however and never can be lost. The only way it seems lost is through fearful perceptions.

Music: Blessing by Deuter

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