The river represents the continuous motion of life, and the thoughts that accompany our life within the mind. The rocks symbolize what at first seem to be barriers, but once crossed, become spiritual lessons that enrich our lives. The three bears symbolize the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Child, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is holy because it is one and indivisible by any thought that thinks it is separate from it.

The human brain is divided into two separate hemispheres, left and right. Science has found that these two hemispheres interpret the world in two opposing ways. Therefore every human on the planet has these two diametrically opposed ways of seeing the world within them.

One by one, we will silently cross the river of fearful thoughts to the peace and stillness of Love’s eternal embrace within the right hemisphere of our minds. We will choose to see the Holy Light that unites us as one in everything we perceive. We will listen to this unifying voice, which recognizes Gods eternal love for all his children despite their physical appearances. Peace will dawn in the mind that once chose darkness and this light will lead others across the river. One by one…

Music: Divenire by Ludovico

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